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  • Can we bring Alcohol? Food?
    Yes! We ask that you bring cans and not bottles. Any kind of food is fine, just note - light snacks and sandwiches are much easier to handle on the boat. Also, if your trip is for an early morning - be sure to check out the stores the evening before as they don't sell alcohol that early in the am.
  • Are we guaranteed to catch? Whats the season?
    of course not! Then it wouldn't be called fishing... it would be called catching, right? We like to remind our customers that as much as we always want to Catch fish not feelings, its simply not always the case, but we will work all angles and if a Shark is what we're bringing in, then so be it.... a fight on the reel is what we always aim for! Fishing Seasons January - April ~ Mahi June - October ~ Marlin November - December ~ Wahoo * Tuna all year round
  • How can we score some of that awesome merch?
    Online or at our Headquarters. You can always contact Christina, in advance and she can prepare your order and have it at the dock for you.
  • Can a restaurant cook our fish for us?
    Yes. We're proud to be the first charter to offer an ocean to table experience for our customers. Contact Christina for more information when booking your reservation to hear about this special offer.
  • Is their an age Limit?
    We prefer to not take smaller than 6 years of age, however, there are some exceptions we will make -- best thing to do is call and speak to Christina, when booking your reservation.
  • Can we eat what we catch?
    A hundred percent! If fish is caught we will serve you fresh fish right off the dock. If you want to take some of the catch to go, they will fillet and bag some for you. Customary tip is 15% Our Crew & their families eat fish too, if you don't need all the catch - its nice to share the wealth of the ocean with all. No need to be Greedy... after all, you're out for the experience.
  • Is there a head on the boat?
    Negative! There is a restroom available for use before and after your trip. If you absolutely need it in the ocean, let the captain know and they'll be sure to pull over for you to do your do.
  • How many people can I take?
    4 preferred, but our boats & captains are licensed to take up to 6 pax. (5 Max for comfort)
  • Do you require a deposit?
    Yes, our deposit is $200 and refundable if the following: - cancellation is made within 48 hours. - rescheduled by us. We will keep deposit and charge 25% of the remaining balance if: - no call, no show. - cancellation is made in 24 hours or less.
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